Wednesday, April 30, 2008

pictures to share :)

A Red Sox fan...

Bible time with daddy...

Spring flowers for Mamma...

In this pic I am 25 Weeks along...I am now 28 weeks along...time is flying by :)

Ballerina Bread Maker...

Being treated like a queen by my girls after hosting dinner, they are so sweet and would spoil me like this if I requested every night :) They love to rub lotion all over my growing belly...I am so blessed...daddy's in the kitchen cleaning up!

A great apple peeler :)

The girls are getting better at their kitchen cutting we are making an apple pie for dessert.

Updates and Pictures

Life is whizzing by, full of blessings and are a few pictures to re-cap what has been happening here in Borbe Bunch land :)

My friend from Bible School, Debi, came for a fun visit. She met all my children for the first time. I met her youngest, Ella Marie for the first time. What fun our visit was!

Eliana Marie and Ella Marie...Ellie was thrilled to play with a baby girl, especially one with almost the same name as her. :)

Ezra Cross was named after a dear friend and mentor to Edwin, Dennis Cross. We were thrilled and blessed to host them for dinner and a fun visit a few weeks ago. Here Dennis and Ezzy "hang out" for a bit before they leave.

Here is the whole gang, together for a picture!

I have taught myself how to is my first finished product...a baby hat. I kinda learned as I went, once it was done, the color was a bit girlie, so I added some flowers I crocheted and then gave it to one of my friend's little girls.

My not so willing "model" for the hat :)

A better picture