Friday, February 15, 2008

bragging rights...

I would like to share a link to Ezra's blog...where you will hear his beautiful voice, CRYING, for those of you who know Ezzy, know that this is HUGE and a true gift from God...recently Ezzy has been crying to communicate when he is cold, in pain, or something startled him...hearing him cry, makes us all cry...something so simple and something so "normal" takes on a whole new meaning when you have waited THREE years to experience it...we are thankful for the continued blessings of raising our sweet son...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Birthday Bash times TWO!!!

So here are the long awaited Birthday pictures of Ellie and Ezra's birthday!
Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Let the Nations Rejoice...

More than 150 Dinangat People show up for the first bible teaching in their own language!

Edwin's sister and brother in law are NTM missionaries in Papua New Guinea. We have talked of them before. We are excited to write that they have now started the Bible teaching in the tribal language of where they live! They have been learning the heart language of the people there for years now. This past week they were ready in their preperation to start teaching the good news of Creation and in the weeks to come, they will build upon a foundation of truth, that will lead them in their understanding and Lord willing heart acceptance of Christ as their SAVIOR!
Here is an email update they just sent us! To GOD be the glory!

Dear Praying Friends,
5 down, 65 to go!
There are a total of 70 lessons in this first phase of teaching, 70 lessons chronologically bringing the hearers from before creation and up through the ascension of Christ, and Lord willing to a place where they will humbly and excitedly be able to say, YES! This is true! God, my Maker has loved me since before time began, and the blood of His Son is the Full payment for my sin!

For now, the foundation is being laid. I can’t tell you what a mind-blowing week it has been for us, and what a privilege it is to be able to witness first hand the God movement that is taking place here! Already, their world view has been challenged, and they see that what they have believed in the past is not consistent with what the Bible teaches. Already, the people are putting two and two together, realizing that what they have been taught is not true. And they are letting go. I have never seen what a real field “white unto harvest” looks like before, but now I can tell you that it is something beautiful beyond words.

The people are truly astounded at the teaching, and in particular, hearing the Word of God read out loud for the first time ever in their own language! When it was time for the first Scripture reading, you could have heard a pin drop. When the passage was done, it was like a gazillion bees buzzing, everyone was talking at once, smiling, shaking their heads, some just put their heads down. Let me quit babbling here, and give you a few quotes we heard this week, I think that will paint the best picture for you:

Heard from different Dinangats this week:

"We always wondered what you were going to teach us. Now we see you are giving us the whole story, from beginning to end, that we never knew!”

“I’m not even working these days. I am just sitting and thinking about all this. We’ve rationed out our food so it can last many days so I don’t have to go to the garden. I can just sit and think about all this big talk.”

“ I used to think that God and all the spirits (angels) were equal in power, now I know that God CREATED the angels"

All Glory and Honor Be Unto Him! Please keep praying. We know God is hearing the prayers for this group from all over the world, and we want to keep filling His ears on behalf of their precious souls!

Your hands and feet in PNG,

Jeremiah and April, Jordan, Judah and Alayna

Jeremiah Markley Reading The First Scripture in Dinangat History!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

BIG celebrations!!!

I have yet to download and then share some of our PARTY pics from the month of January!! We celebrated Ellie's 5th and Ezra's 3rd BIRTHDAYS!!! So....stay tuned pictures will follow shortly...maybe during nap/rest time for the kiddos!! :)
LOVE to you all!