Sunday, January 23, 2011

Click on EZRA....

In this month of January, the Sanctity of LIFE is celebrated. Very fitting for our son EZRA.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Long overdue...

I apologize for not updating our blog....for many of you as myself, Facebook has taken the front row seat, but for the many that still do blogging (which I always enjoy) I am taking time right now to update with the latest news and some pictures too.

Even now as I write, I am sitting in bed, by orders of my wonderful husband. I am in the last week of my 6th pregnancy and am needing to take it easy....something hard for me, but needed right now. I am so very thankful for the amazing help from my husband as he "mans the ship" and allows me to rest. So, with this gift of stillness, I decided to we go.

I was glancing through the past posts on here and was amazed at how much the children have changed!! Time just marches on and one day turns into another, the children maturing, growing and changing all the while. I marvel at how fast it happens and even though I tell myself that these days, this season of "baby land" will soon pass...I am never ready for how quickly it truly does.

Just yesterday we celebrated Eliana's 7th birthday. She is becoming a lovely young lady, showing beautiful signs of loving the Lord and desiring to serve Him with her life. I am honored to be her mother and am daily reminded that she is a gift to our family. I am blessed.

Christmas time was a wonderful celebration with family. Both Edwin and I have been humbled to watch in amazement with the way God answered the desires of our hearts in specific and certain ways. God truly does desire to bless us and grant us even the small desires of our hearts. We enjoyed a fun time with our children in being able to gift them with some special things. I love to see thier faces as we re-read the wonderful story of how our Savior was born, watching Owen start to understand is a gift in itself.

Edwin has resumed his travling sub-contracting job, meaning that he is away on an average four days of the week, completing full time hours. The days he is home, he packs it full with loving on his family and teaching the children. The evenings he is away we miss him terribly, but we are so thankful for a good job as he provides for our family. We are thankful for moible to mobile phone plans!!

Here are some recent pictures of our Christmas holiday. Blessings dear friends.

Monday, March 09, 2009

the last few weeks.... has taken over and blogging is not always top on the list :) This does not mean that I don't want to tonight I chose to show some pictures of the last couple in the Borbe home.

Valentine Day morning...heart pancakes made by daddy

Wearing daddy's hat

Ezra turns FOUR, mommy and daddy think back over the past four years...God has blessed us...

A visit with Hanne, Liz's friend from Bible School

A visit with the Hefner children, a missionary family with NTM serving in Africa...they were snowed in at our house, the kids loved every minute of it!

Eliana turns SIX...she is a blessing to us all

Mommy and her boy...

Sunday, January 04, 2009

december photos

Liz and her sister Melissa, home for a furlough from missions work was wondeful gift and a great visit...

Boston met his Auntie for the first time!

A tree ornament made with Nana

Christmas cookie time

Owen on Ezzy's stander, he loves a free ride!

The hat says it all :)

Christmas morning...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

the latest update...

I have written about the Bergman family here...this update has come from my sister Melissa as they have been in touch directly with Joanna and family.
Keep praying...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my heart is breaking....

Please be in prayer for Joanna and her is the most recent news of our dear sister in the Lord...
Thank you for praying.

(further testing has revealed that the tumor is cancerous)

Dear Friends & Family,
Although we find it very hard to understand God's ways, we cling to the fact that He Love's us and has our best in mind. The results of Joanna's tumor came back today showing that it is an aggressive malignant tumor, grade 4 (highest). We are still in shock trying to process what we've been told. They would like to begin radiation and chemotherapy soon, however, the doctor still gave her only 1-2 years to live. They expect the cancer will continue to grow back. We are praying for a miracle!
Thanks for your prayer,
Curtis for Joanna, Natalie, Reuben and Kaylie