Friday, March 23, 2007

Take me out to the ball game...

Last Friday, "Daddy Day" :) meaning that Daddy is home on a day off, we got a call from the church secretary and a man that Edwin had just met earlier that week had some college baseball tickets he wanted to give him; he called the church looking for Edwin. So Edwin got off the phone and said "wanna go to a baseball game??" It was a bit windy, but a nice day to get out. The game was 1.5 hrs. away, so we were on the road in no time! It was fun to get to enjoy this outing as a family. We only stayed for an hour; it was just too windy, warm in the sun, but getting a bit chilly for the kiddos...and mommy! :)

God is good and we love how we are so blessed to be able to enjoy family time. This was both boys first baseball game! A fun day was ended with pizza at Incredible Pizza.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thanking God for an amazing time away...

We were blessed for the opportunity to attend the Memorial service for Olivia, a beautiful daughter of the King, who is now praising Him forever more....
Please continue to pray for the Waldens. We thank God for the hugs we were able to give them in their time of sadness. We were blessed by their testimony to God's grace and comfort during this time. They are a precious family and we love them dearly.

We did have a time of rejoicing at the hotel the first night of Ezzy's "free" legs!
We celebrated by eating cheesecake, the girls and daddy going for a late night swim, and the boys chilling with mommy near the pool.

Thank you for your prayers for Ezzy's surgery and for our trip.

and the casts are OFF.....

Ezzy is SMILING while waiting patiently to have his casts removed! I think he KNEW why he was there! We brought his puppy from home to cuddle him as he was waiting. :) All the kiddos hanging out with Ez Man while he awaited for the nurses to take him back to the surgery room.
Ezzy in his cutie little hosptial gown, that is WAY too big :)
Mommy giving him snuggles before he goes in for surgery to remove his casts- Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Ezzy sporting his new braces, ready to "hit the road".
Isn't he super CUTE??!!! :)